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Uganda Self-drive Safaris - 4x4 Car Hire

Uganda car hire and self-drive holidays. Pick up from Rwanda and drive through Uganda and opt for one-way car hire. When you rent a 4×4 Car in Rwanda from us, it’s a hassle-free service always. Pick up your car from either Kigali or Kampala. Remember to always follow local driving laws and regulations. Be respectful of the road signs, Cameras, and the local culture and customs within the villages you visit. With proper planning and preparation, you can have an unforgettable self-drive tour in Rwanda, Uganda, and throughout East Africa. Consider a one-way rental if you chose multiple country tours. Car Rentals Uganda for Self-drive Uganda Safaris is a magical and absolutely rewarding way to discover Uganda for independent travelers seeking an inspirational journey. 4×4 Car Rentals Uganda prides itself on a Utilitarian 4WD car rental fleet that maneuvers easily through the Uganda Terrains. Whether you prefer hiring a 4×4 car with camping gear or a car & Accommodation, we have great insider travel trips for amazingly self-drive safaris & awesome journeys in Uganda. Opt for a self-drive Car Rental in Uganda, travel deep into the jungle, and Come face to face with a mountain Gorilla, Marvel through the lush but still virgin lands with vibrant wildlife to encounter.

4x4 car hire Uganda for self-drive holidays

The Prado Landcruiser Tx & Tz models are our comfortable Self-drive safari vehicles. They have ground clearance, sit comfortably for 4 persons, and have enough space for luggage even with camping gear.



    Self Drive Car Rental Uganda Top Destinations & Inspirations _ What to Do & Where to Go

    Uganda is the pearl of Africa and yes, it is the land of contrasts. You witness the longest river in the world twisting its way north of Uganda like a shimmering ribbon through semidesert scattered with rocky kopjes to mist-shrouded volcanic mountains. Uganda is alive with serene undulating hills still virgin & lush green vegetation. Uganda is blessed with spectacular and vibrant wildlife in the serene Savannah as you witness in the early morning giant yet silent Elephants disappearing like vapor amidst trees. Uganda safari will take you through the snow-capped peaks and tropical sandy, freshwater beaches, and descend into the jungle spectating at chimpanzees crashing about the forest canopy and yes get you up close and personal with the endangered Lugubrious Mountain Gorilla.

    4x4 Land Cruiser - Uganda

    Car Rental Uganda and Self-drive Safaris. This is a full-time 4WD car able to maneuver through the muddy, slippery, and bumpy terrains on the African roads

    Rent a 4×4 Land Cruiser for Camping Safaris

    with us for an exciting and adventurous self-drive Uganda trip through beautiful and scenic Uganda. Cruise through the tough terrains with our sturdy 4×4 cars and discover the unique flora and fauna

    Toyota Prado Land Cruiser

    The Prado Land cruiser TX & TZ models are our comfortable Self-drive safari vehicles customized with a pop-up roof for game viewing. They have ground clearance, sit comfortably for 4 persons, and have enough space for luggage even with camping gear. They are all automatic transmissions and enough luggage space & camping gear for camping safaris. If You are looking to rent a comfortable self-drive Uganda safari car, then this is just the right safari car for you. You can absolutely hire the Toyota Land cruiser with Our Quality Camping Gear, Car & accommodations, or more so with an insightful driver guide separately.

    Prado Land Cruiser for Uganda Self drive Safaris

    Customised & Stretched Landcruiser

    We match with expectations on This. Our customized & Extended safari Land cruisers are tough and utilitarian luxury safari Land cruisers meant for our African roads. Accompanied by an insightful driver guide, The Land cruiser is designed with 7 spacious seats, large windows, AC, a Pop-up roof for game viewing, and fitted with a Freezer for a cold drink during a trip. Our Stretched land cruisers are Off-Road, well-built to perfect an African safari. They do have enough luggage space for a full board person’s luggage and an extra roof rack. If You are a group of friends planning a safari in Uganda and across borders, then this is just the perfect vehicle for you in Uganda.

    Safaris in Uganda (4x4 Self-guided Tours)

    Uganda gorilla Safaris are for adventurous African safari travelers. Uganda Gorilla trekking safari is Uganda safari to the Bwindi and Mgahinga forest and come close to families of primates. The churning rapids of the River Nile provide a high voltage of adrenaline to those who dare go white water rafting. Away from Uganda Safaris, Uganda is a haven for bird lovers, nature walk enthusiasts, and sightseeing followers. Uganda Safaris takes you to the evergreen paradise, and it’s no wonder that Uganda is fondly referred to as ‘The Pearl of Africa’. The bright modern feel of this bustling, cosmopolitan city reflects the ongoing economic growth and political stability that has characterized Uganda since 1986 and is complemented by the sloping spaciousness and runaway greenery of its garden setting.